I Can Do It: How to teach your kids healthy coping skills


Childhood is thought of as a carefree time, but kids have just as many challenges as adults. Our little ones can become overwhelmed by their emotions and feelings, which we’ve seen become more prevalent during the pandemic.

Parents: Help is on the way this holiday season. Today on Good Things Utah, Anna Svetchnikov, licensed family therapist and award-winning children’s author talked about how to teach your kids healthy coping skills, along with the release of her new I Can Do It series.

Anna Svetchnikov is an award-winning author of children’s emotions and feelings in the magical, mythical, and particularly human worlds. She is as creative as she is compassionate at heart and a mother of three mighty mischievous boys who make certain she experience no fewer than six dozen unique emotions each day, excluding any exhibited by her therapeutic clientele.

In Anna’s books, she illustrates how important it is for us to teach our children to identify and express their feelings and help them remember that all emotions are okay. Anna talks about how all emotions are okay and the books have wonderful images to help the story along.

The I CAN DO IT is a series of therapeutic books for children to help them overcome anger, anxiety, fear, and sadness. These books inspire kids to not run away from or hide from their emotions, to instead face them head-on, to embrace them, to express them, to understand them, and yes, to learn from them.

If you’re interested in purchasing Anna’s I Can Do It series, along with her other award-winning books for children and parents, visit her official website, go to Positive Parenting Initiative, or shop on Amazon.