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These short stories are created and dedicated to improving and sustaining family behavioral and mental health for children and parents during this unprecedented time and to maintain our commitment to our communities.

2017 Annual Conference

Anna Svetchnikov will be presenting Positive Parenting: A Solution Focused Relational Approach to Family Therapy at this year's MAMFT Annual Conference focusing on Attachment, Trauma, and Working with Families on March 10, 2017.

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Join us at the East Boston Branch of the Boston Public Library to support children, parents and families in our community! Special guests include Sen Joseph A. Boncore, Rep Adrian Madaro and representatives from the office of Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

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The "I'M NOT BAD" social campaign aims to create awareness for the challenges of parenting, give children a voice and to help parents transition from viewing their child’s behaviors as negative but with more depth and meaning.

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Common Ground TV

I had the pleasure to be a part of Sheriff Steve W. Tomkins's Suffolk County Sheriff's Department Television Show with sitting host Fernandito Bossa to discuss the Positive Parenting Initiative and our work within the community.

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A sneak peak at the upcoming I'M NOT BAD social campaign to "unsilence children" and to help parents better understand their child's wants and needs focusing on Attention, Approval, Acceptance and Affection.

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Parenting In Public

A simple notion of parenting is to tend to your child’s immediate needs, to teach right from wrong and to make certain they develop into well-adjusted individuals. But why is it so difficult in public? The reason is because we have an audience.

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Positive Parenting Overview

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with a number of years working with high intensity need families. I work with parents to improve their parenting style, to help them become the parents they want to be and to empower their children.

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Holiday Toy Drive 2016

You are invited to the annual Holiday Toy Drive and Fundraiser hosted by Mrs. Massachusetts on December 4th, 2016. All toys and proceeds will go to support The Home for Little Wanderers and the Toys for Tots organizations.

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Parenting Is Challenging

How to get your child to listen, behave and do good (all at the same time) this holiday season. This may sound impossible, but trust me it's not! Find out more about behavioral charts, a proven and effective tool to reinforce positive behavior.

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Jewish Journal

A great interview and article from the Jewish Journal focusing on my approach as a Marriage and Family Therapist as well as my recently launched non-profit to help parents develop creative and necessary parenting skills.

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Another Hour With Bob

I had the opportunity to be invited back to An Hour with Bob on October 19th to discuss the Positive Parenting Initiative, my non-profit Longwood Care and go into detail about my experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

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Volunteer Expo

I had the pleasure to be a part of the Inaugural Volunteer Expo spearheaded by Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III and Mount Ida College in Newton on October 15, 2016 along with more than two dozen non-profit organizations.

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Since 1993

To Create Change

In the way a child behaves, a parent has to change the way he or she interacts with the child and responds to his or her behaviors.

In many cases, a child's behaviors are directly related to and or as a result of very specific motivations. Children, like everyone else, will do things that are rewarding to them or get them out of things that they don’t like. Sometimes those can be good behaviors and sometimes can be bad behaviors but the motivation is the same.


It's Not Your Child, It's You

As a family therapist working with behavioral children, I noticed that many parents are surprised or sometimes even resistant to the idea of working directly with a therapist, expecting instead that therapist should be working mainly with a child.

Working with parents is critical because they are the most influential people in their child's life.

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Providing immediate support and answers to parenting dilemmas, and to becoming a mediator for a parenting support group in your community.