New books help parents understand toddlers.


Licensed Family Therapist Anna Svetchnikov On How To Better Understand Your Toddler’s Behavior.

If your little one is approaching toddlerhood, you might be wondering what to expect. Award-winning children’s author and licensed family therapist, Anna Svetchnikov shared with us her series of books, I Am Just a Baby, which parents can use to help understand your toddler’s changing behavior.

Based on the changes her own son went through as he became a toddler, Anna wrote this book to help other parents understand what’s going on and how to approach it. She wants parents to know what attention-seeking behavior may look like and what it means. Children want to be known and pay attention to how parents get attention and start conversations. Since they can’t express verbally what’s going on, they may try and see what they can do to get parents’ attention, which can include crying.

Children thrive off of praise and can learn good behavior through it. The three books have illustrations and words to help both parent and baby learn and bond. Anna encourages parents not to get frustrated and instead try to notice patterns and change them. You can pick up a copy online or wherever books are sold.

Posted at 12:34 PM, Nov 08, 2021

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