From A Child’s Perspective – Award Winning Author & Son Release New Series of Books

To Help Children Overcome Anxiety, Manage Anger, Build Self-Esteem & Improve Social Skills

Award winning author and family therapist Anna Svetchnikov has formally announced the release of her newest self-help book series titled I CAN DO IT. Anna and Anthony, her 8 year-old son, created the series for children to help overcome anxiety, manage anger, build self-esteem, regulate empathy and improve social skills.

“I CAN DO IT” takes a different approach in that it is written from a child-to-child perspective. While there are plenty of self-help books on the market, I CAN DO IT allows children to easily relate to the content and context in these books to absorb and process the lessons. The age appropriate situations and examples are conveyed from a child’s point of view, incorporating therapeutic concepts at its core and exercises for children and adults to utilize in their daily lives.

Anna is quoted as saying,“When my son and I put our minds together we created something truly unique – a set of therapeutic self-help books written by children, for children. We wrote these books for two main reasons; to help children tackle their issues on their level, and to bring the family into the fold to support their growing needs for a healthier and happier life.” She continued, “This results in a trickle down effect with positive interactions and examples being set inside and outside of the home.”

With October being Bullying Prevention Month and children back to in-person classroom learning, many can benefit from the added support these books aim to provide. By helping children better understand their emotions and (re)actions in controlled environments, they can become more self-aware and better able to navigate both positive and negative events, including bullying. More often than not, negative emotions culminate in anger, when internalized can result in self-harm or externalized as aggression towards others. Being self-aware, recognizing and managing these emotions is important at any age and crucial for children to have internal baselines for their future success.

Today, emotional intelligence is often an overused buzzword but rarely incorporated into behavior management and emotion regulation as it applies to children. With these books we look forward to providing greater insight, deeper understanding and productive exploration and meaning to our social consciousness and overall mental health.

Anna Svetchnikov is a licensed marriage and family therapist and an award winning author.

Positive Parenting Initiative of Longwood Care, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that follows the idea that when families are strong, communities prosper and having a strong and resilient family is not an accident, it takes commitment, effort, and follow through, summed up in the maxim “Happy Children, Strong Families!”

To learn more about the Positive Parenting Initiative or their new self-help book series I CAN DO IT, visit the official website at www.positiveparentinginitiative.comI CAN DO IT is also available on Amazon.


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