Creating Positive Change

To Initiate Change

In the way a child behaves, parents have to change the way they interact with the child and respond to their behaviors.

In many cases, a child's behavior is directly related to and or as a result of very specific motivations. Children, like everyone else, will do things that are rewarding to them or get them out of things that they don’t like. Sometimes those can be good behaviors and sometimes can be bad but the motivation is the same.


It Begins with the Family

Many parents are surprised or sometimes even resistant to the idea of working directly with a therapist, expecting instead that therapist should be working mainly with a child. A parents therapeutic understanding is critical in managing one's own emotions, behaviors and responses to both positive and negative situations.


We Help Parents To

  • Manage behaviors of their children.
  • Improve communication.
  • Increase positive interactions.
  • Set rules and boundaries.
  • Bring structure and consistency.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety at home.

We Help To Create Change By

  • Teaching parents how to be creative and promote positive behavior for their children.
  • Providing parents with a "toolbox" of techniques that are proven to be effective with children.
  • Showing to-the-point video tutorials with examples for how to manage specific behaviors and issues.
  • Developing specific downloadable materials and activities.


Books for children and parents alike. Provide humorous and educational insight into emotion regulation and behavior management.


COMMING SOON! To help children overcome anxiety, manage anger, build self-esteem, regulate empathy and improve social skills.


COMMING SOON! Resources to support behavior management and emotion regulation including schedules, behavior charts and activities.